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Download resources

Naturally, as a solo dev, I go to a lot of places to get resources I can't make myself. This page is mostly for me so I can keep track of what I use, but feel free to use it for yourself. Some sites only support one keyword, so if you get an error, narrow it done to one. Many of these sites require an account.

If you know any other sites with plenty of free resources and is easy to use, please let me know. I will not use any with dishonest pricing and/or suspicious ads.

Don't forget to credit your sources!
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Sketchfab no longer lets you search by free.

Create resources

These are all software that is either free or has an unlimited free license.

Creating Audio

  1. TuxGuitar: Even if you don't make music, you can use this program to make jingle sound effects and export them as .wav
  2. LMMS: An easy to use music editor (open source equivilant to FruityLoops) that anyone can learn; even non-musicians.
  3. Audacity: edit sound effects and record.

Creating/Editing Graphics

  1. Sculptris: quickly sculpt together 3D shapes and paint on directly on to the mesh. [Starting shapes]
  2. Mesh Mixer: Like Sculptris but with more features.
  3. Smoothie-3D: Create 3D models from photos. Note that the photo has to be symetrical.
  4. irfanview: easy to use image converter and editor.
  5. Blender: Takes a while to learn, but it's one of the best 3D modelling software and is completely free
  6. Krita: another free alternative to photoshop, more appealing to the artistic side.
  7. GIMP: Free alternative to photoshop, with the ability to add features via script.
    • Spritesheet: (GIMP script) very handy if you make a big animation in Blender and want to quickly make a png spritesheet.
  8. Neo Texture Edit: free, open source texture creator.
  9. Tiled Map Editor: Can export to image and XML.
  10. Sketchup: Easy to use software for making buildings. (Older versions).
  11. CS2 Creative Suite: Adobe has released this as "Abandonware" (software that is no longer making the company money and therefore is released for free).


  1. Notepad++: Handy notepad editor. Good for editing both plaintext and code.

Video editing

  1. Shotcut: open source alternative to Final Cut Pro
  2. Windows Live Essentials: Comes with the highest version of Windows Movie Maker, among others.

Game Development

  1. Novashell: Never got out of beta, but good for small 2D games. The language used (lua) is a very easy first programming language to use, and is a good stepping stone for making your first coded game.
  2. Unity (personal license): One of the highest documented engines in the world. As hard as it is to get started, there are tons of video tutorials for beginners and long-term users alike. There are also many add-on plugins that you can use for free.
      Add-ons in the Asset Store you will need frequently
    • iTween: a simple script for tweening positions, scale, rotation, or even custom variables. [Documentation]
    • Realtime CSG: alternative to probuilder. The subtract tool is pretty reliable in this one.
    • A* Pathfinding Project: free version of pathfinding. It's only capable of basics, but better than the built-in pathfinding.
    • Light probe script: a helpful script that generates light probes based on the navigation mesh. It's not by me, but I don't know who wrote it.

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