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Naturally, as a solo dev, I go to a lot of places to get resources I can't make myself (though bear in mind, if nobody made a resource you need, you might have to make your own). This page is mostly for me so I can keep track of what I use, but feel free to use it for yourself. Note some sites only support one keyword, and click the button to search on said site. Note that most sites require a username.

If you know any other sites with plenty of free resources and is easy to use, please let me know. If I try it and do not trust the source, it will not be listed.

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The buttons are sorted by ease of use. For instance, sketchfab comes before opengameart because they spell out which free resources can and cannot be used for commercial work while opengameart requires you to research the license.
Don't forget to credit your sources!
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Sketchfab no longer lets you search by free.

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