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Recent updates

Game thumbnail Davidi Run(Platform, Shooter)
[Windows] [Mac] [Linux] [Android]

Violence rating: E8+; Language rating: E8+
A runner game made for members of my family, each getting four levels as a birthday present every year. To be updated on said birthdays (playable on Android and web)
Last updated: 2018-01-04; 46 days ago

Game thumbnail Superbird and the quest for something(Platform)
[Windows] [Mac] [Linux] [Android]

Violence rating: E8+; Language rating: E8+
In this silly virtual reality game, Superbird fights against all odds to save the world from…well, we'll figure out that part later. Inspired by classic 3D platforming / action games.
Last updated: 2017-12-22; 59 days ago

Game thumbnail AVGN Planet(Platform, Shooter)
[Windows] [Mac]

Violence rating: E8+; Language rating: E8+
A game written for the Angry Video Game Nerd back when I used Novashell (last updated date was lost, set it to the date I put it in the Database). A side scroller shoot em up with incremental powerups, much like Metroid.
Last updated: 2017-10-14; 128 days ago

Video Blog

What is Davidi Development?

Davidi Development is a solo-dev hobbyist game organization. Most of my games are made in Unity or RPG Maker 2003 (for now). I make most of the code and artwork myself-- the rest of it is libraries I downloaded, art I commissioned, and public domain art/audio.


If you are here for any of the deprecated games (such as the RPG2003 Mystic Planet or AVGN Planet[AVGN Planet has been re-added to the Database), visit Google Drive.

Page last modified: January 18 2018 .
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